Mallie’s 10-lb Monster Burger

2/13/2011:  I first saw Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill on Man v Food, where Adam tackled the massive 190 lb record breaking burger with a team of like 40 people.  The burger was enormous to be sure, but it didn’t look all that good.  The outsides of it looked charred, which is likely the only way you can cook a burger that large.  So, I avoided going to this place for months.  Sure, when I search for nearby restaurants on (shameless plug), it’s been one of the closest to my house, but I still didn’t want to go for some reason.  I’ve tried the large burger challenges before (see Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub) and I wasn’t a fan.  Perhaps that last experience ruined me.   That all changed today, however.  We decided to make the trip up to Detroit, and I’m pretty glad we did.  It was definitely worth the hour long drive.

I brought the whole family, so we decided to pre-order our 10 lb behemoth, simply to avoid waiting an hour for it when arriving.  The burger arrived about 15 minutes after we arrived, and it was indeed massive.  (It wasn’t as tall as they look on TV, but that’s because we ordered our toppings on the side.)  This burger was not only juicy, but it had lots of flavor too.  They definitely take the time to ensure that they’re making quality, and not just quantity.  (Note:  This juiciness did actually leave a film in my mouth that was annoying all the way home.)  The bun was a little too thick on the top half, but at least it was a tasty bun, and not at all dense.  It was soft and squishable.  Overall though, it was pretty tasty, and we were all satisfied with it.  The service was a little slow, and I had trouble getting a drink refill until we were already finished eating, but they did some other stuff right, so it was OK.  I’d definitely go back and try another burger in a smaller size.

Food:  [usr 8]
Service:  [usr 8]

Show:  Man v Food — Episode: Detroit (214)
Restaurant Info: Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill — 19400 Northline Road, Detroit, MI 48195 — (734) 287-0800

By Arthur