Schmidt's Sausage

November 2011: When we used to live in Columbus, we really didn’t visit Schmidt’s as often as we should have. After a few years of being away, we finally got a chance to stop in while we were in town for a weekend. Boy, were we glad we did. Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant is an authentic German restaurant, with some of the most delicious… well, everything on the menu. They have regular menu service with all the traditional German favorites (Sausages, Schnitzel, Sauerbraten, Meatloaf, etc), but they also have an excellent sausage buffet.

Schmidt’s German Autobahn Buffet features all kinds of bratwurst, Bahama Mamas, other sausages, german potato salad, mac & cheese, sauerkraut, various salads and all kinds of other yummy goodness. It’s not a cheap buffet (like $12-15) but it was totally worth every penny. The food is top notch, and I don’t even have words to describe how great this stuff is. You just have to try it.

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Schmidt’s also has some of the biggest (and best) cream puffs I’ve ever seen.  While I didn’t get any of this particular visit (we were super stuffed after the buffet) we used to stop in and get them regularly.  They’re a meal in and of themselves. Quite delicious too.  No matter what you order at Schmidt’s, you’re bound to have an excellent meal.  You’ll leave full and happy.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants of all time, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  There’s a reason that this place has remained in business since 1886.  Plain and simple, they’ve got some of the best German food on the planet.  Take that Germany!

Food:  [usr 10]
Service:  [usr 10]

Show:  Man v Food — Episode:  Columbus (104)
Restaurant Info:  Schmidt’s Sausage Haus und Restaurant –240 E. Kossuth St, Columbus, OH 43206 — (614) 449-4038

By Arthur