Legal Disclaimer

All posts on this blog are for entertainment purposes only and are to be taken with a grain of salt.  These are strictly the opinions of myself and my writers.  If I didn’t like a place, I’ll let you know.  If I loved it, I’ll let you know that also.  Don’t email me asking to change a post just because you’re a manager and you were sorry about my experience.  (I may add an update to let readers know that management tried to make things right, but I’ll rarely remove a post.)

Terms and Conditions
When reading my blog, you (the reader) agree that everything I’ve said means nothing to you.  It’s something I write in my free time, when the mood strikes, and I can’t be held responsible for my emotional state when I come home from a bad restaurant experience.  I may be pissed, and my blog post will reflect that.  I am human.  Likewise, if I have a great experience at a restaurant, I may review it highly, even though you may have had a previous bad experience.  By reading my blog, you (the reader) must agree that these experiences were mine and mine alone, and may or may not happen to you.

I reserve the right to change/modify this policy at any time.

The Management