Mussel, Shrimp & Scallop Linguine

February 2011:  While passing through Niagara Falls on a recent trip, we decided to stop for lunch at Mick & Angelo’s Eatery and Bar.  This was a place visited by Adam Richman on Man v Food, where he took on this massive Italian food challenge.  We opted NOT to go for the challenge, but we still had a pretty hefty meal.  I ordered the Italian Pasta Trio, which came with a half piece of Lasagna, a 5 oz Chicken Parmesan, and a heaping helping of Fettuccine Alfredo.  My coworker ordered what I believe was a Mussel, Shrimp and Scallop Linguine.  It’s a seafood pasta dish in a pesto sauce.

The food came with a choice of soup or salad.  I got the house salad (It was pretty average.)  My coworker got the soup, which he was pretty satisfied with.  The entrees finally arrived, which was good.  We were starving.  This was a late lunch.  The presentation was pretty good on both plates.  The lasagna was tasty.  That’s about where the fun was over for me.  The chicken parm was good, but it was pretty thin, and dry in places.  The Fettuccine Alfredo was incredibly boring.  That was disappointing to me, as I generally love Alfredo dishes.  I’m told that the seafood pesto thing was OK, but pretty average.  It wasn’t great seafood, and wasn’t great pesto.  Both of us ended up leaving with food left on the plate (which is rare for me), and I had no desire for a box.

Italian Pasta Trio

Overall, the food was just slightly above average, but was pretty damn expensive for pasta.  I could have eaten much cheaper at a chain, and probably have had just as good of a meal.  (Altogether, our tab was around $65 CAD for two people.  One entree & drink each.)  The portions were pretty good, but I’m not sure if I was really full, or just tired of eating pasta.  (That happens with pasta-type foods.)  The waitress was incredibly friendly, however.  She was quick with our drinks, and pretty good about changes, extras, etc.

Food:  [usr 6]
Service:  [usr 10]

Show:  Man v Food — Episode: Niagara Falls (315)
Restaurant Info: Mick & Angelo’s Eatery & Bar — 7600 Lundys Lane, Niagara Falls, ON L2H 1G8 — (905) 357-6543

By Arthur