Smoked Prime Rib

November 2010 – While on my recent trip to Sacramento, we decided we needed to find a really good steak.  Once again, Guy Fieri had a good looking recommendation of Jamie’s on Broadway.  I will warn you however, finding this place is a bit challenging.  There’s no sign out front.  There’s just a simple awning with the address.  If a place can stay in business without even having a sign, it’s got to be good, right?  Yep.

My friend and I had one thing in mind when entering this place.  Prime Rib.  We barely glanced at the menu, but there was a garlic steak sandwich that sounded good on there.  The prime rib looked delicious on the show, and we knew that’s what we wanted.  When we arrived, we were immediately seated, and the server went through his list of specials.  (This guy had a pretty good memory.  These specials were incredibly detailed.)  We both ordered the smoked prime rib, and a few minutes later, the food arrived.  These were monster cuts of prime rib, but we were starving.  There were no frills with the meal like salads, or even a vegetable.  You got the giant hunk of meat, and a small serving of garlic mashed potatoes.  They were both delicious, however.  I would have probably liked a salad, but I pretty sure I couldn’t have finished  my prime rib.  I asked the waiter what size cut these were.  He told me that they’re hand cut, and are generally 16 oz, but he’s been cutting them large.  I agree.  These were definitely closer to 20-24 oz easily.  We were stuffed.  I paid the bill for two people, which was around $75 with tax and tip.  A little expensive for the lack of sides, but delicious none the less.

Food:  [usr 9]
Service:  [usr 10]

Show:  Diners, Drive-ins and Dives — Episode: Funky Joints (601)
Restaurant Info: Jamie’s Bar & Grill — 427 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818 — (916) 442-4044

By Arthur