July 2009 – While on the road, we decided to stop at the Marietta Diner, in Marietta, GA.  From the outside, this place looks like you’d expect a diner to look.  It’s a very exciting & shiny building, looking like it’s straight out of the 50s.  It’s too bad the food wasn’t as exciting.

When we walked in, things looked promising.  They had a dessert case that was LOADED with fantastic looking cakes, MariettaDinerpies and other desserts.  It was too early for that stuff though, so we were seated for breakfast.  Our waiter (fresh off the boat from Greece), came to the table to take our drink order.  My wife had stepped into the restroom with the baby, and I ordered three glasses of water.  The waiter just stared at me with a confused look on his face.  I explained that my wife (who he had seen 12 seconds ago) was going to return.  He finally figured it out, and went to get our drinks.  The minute my wife returned with the baby, he asked if we were ready to order.  I told him that she had just sat down, and hadn’t even opened the menu yet.  Again confused, he walked away.  We read the menus, and were ready to order.  An eternity seemed to go by, and the waiter eventually returned to take our order.

The food arrived quickly, but I was immediately disappointed, as there was nothing special about the food.  Mel had a few plain looking pancakes, and I had ordered a Greek (gyro) omelet.  The omelet was kind of small, and there was hardly any filling in it.  Very disappointing.  Mel said that the pancakes weren’t memorable either.  Before leaving, we thought that maybe we had come at the wrong time of day.  Perhaps the lunch or dinner was better.  Since the only available choice for that sort of thing was dessert, we ordered a $7.95 slice of chocolate peanut butter cake.  While it was impressive looking, it was not impressive tasting.  It was OK, but mediocre at best.

Would I give this place another shot?  I guess so, but not for breakfast.  It was sort of boring.

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Show:  Diners, Drive-ins and Dives — Episode:  A World of Flavors
Restaurant Info: Marietta Diner — 306 Cobb Parkway, Marietta, GA 30060 — (770) 423-9390

By Arthur