Rallys WrapperI know this is a few months old, but I still have the photos I snapped of the burger that day.  We were in Sandusky, OH, at Rally’s #9506.  After waiting over 25 minutes for our food, we “got it” …  My wife was in line at the walk up window.  They serviced about 20 cars BEFORE servicing the TWO people standing at the window.  Don’t have a walk up window if you’re going to ignore the people standing there.

We got our food, and the quality was missing from the minute we opened the bag.  Look how they were wrapped!  Neither of the burgers was wrapped well, and there was an absolute mess in the bag.

I decided that I wanted to see my giant mouth-watering queso crunch burger with the lid off.  That was a mistake.  It looked nothing like the ones they show on TV or their website.  Click the image to see the full size difference.

Click to Enlarge!

All in all, I was pretty disappointed.  There was far fewer jalapeno strips on there than the commercial showed.  Is is too much to ask that you at least TRY to make the food look like it does on TV?  Hell, the burger doesn’t even come close to fitting the bread it’s on.  (I lost my ad-image of the queso crunch, but it was as good as these generic burgers used on Rally’s own website.  Screw you, Rally’s.

By Arthur