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June 2011:  I was doing a lot of traveling during the summer, so I decided to grab a quick oatmeal for breakfast at McDonald’s on my way to work in the morning.  The first time I ordered this, I was in a hotel in Vegas and didn’t have a camera with me, so I didn’t get a photo.  Too bad.  As bad as this one looks, the first one I got was even worse.  There was about an inch of water on top, and it was almost barely cooked.

As you can see, the oatmeal you get looks nothing like the pictures in their advertising.  Does it taste OK?  Sure, I guess.  It looks more like the kind of gruel you seen in an orphanage in a bad movie.  I just wish they’d do something to at least pretend that their products look something like the advertising.  Does anyone care about presentation anymore?  I have to admit, at $2, it was easy for me to get one several more times on my travels over the summer, but that was mostly because McDonald’s was on the right side of the road on the way to work in this small town I was heading through.  I haven’t been back since my weekly trips have ended.

By Arthur